Meet The Creators


The Positive Planner is the brainchild of Ali and Finn, two women on a mission to break the stigma around mental health.
Ali, a design graduate with a passion for beautiful stationary lives in Bath with her partner and two children. After her daughter was born, she was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression, completely shocked at how little support was available she began to use journaling and crafting to support her recovery. it was this that inspired the idea for the Positive Planner.
Finn lives in Cambridge with her husband and toddler.
Having suffered with anxiety and depression for as long as she can remember, it became a regular part of her life.  After her son was born, she went went through a very low period. This is when Finn connected with Ali, as she was sharing ideas about The Positive Planner on social media through a crowdfunding campaign.
Ali and Finn truly understand how debilitating mental health problems can be, but   understand this is not the whole picture. There can be some beautiful moments between the dark clouds, and they wanted to create something that would help give people more of these moments in their lives.
Mental health touches each and every one of us, and we want our Positive Planner movement to become a symbol of solidarity and acceptance for what is sometimes seen as a taboo subject.